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Please enjoy fresh and best delicious Sushi fishes grew up in Bungo sea route of Saiki

Our Sushi rice is cooked with local rice and clean water.

We serve always fresh fishes grew up in the local sea of Bungo sea route.

Saiki's unique ingredients in Kamehachi Sushi make everyone fully enjoyable. This has been our motto for 47 years since foundation.

There are also original Sushi of fresh, healthy vegetable and wild plants.

Hideyo Todaka

Many oversea customers are coming Kamehachi Sushi for meal or interview.


Salon containing 30 people (Second floor)

Our store is two stories high.
There are counter table at ground floor and 6 rooms where family or groups can relax, and also one large hall that up to 30 people can dine together.

Counter 10 seats (1st floor)

Private room 6 rooms

We accept maximum 70 people together for reception , party, family use etc. Reservation is highly appreciated.

SNS and youtube channel of the woman manager of Kamehachi sushi

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